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Powell Industries was evaluating the potential energy savings by converting to LED lighting alternatives across their operations. Batteries Plus was introduced as a possible supplier that could help with their LED project. Batteries Plus consulted with Powell’s operations team and provided in depth onsite assessments and samples prior to launch of the project.

This included areas such as:

  • Alternative Product With Savings
  • Increased Output Evaluations
  • Energy Savings
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Batteries Plus partnered with local electricians to ensure the project was installed correctly, under budget, and ahead of schedule.

Jason and Batteries Plus made Powell’s sourcing activity for LED replacement of our shop lighting so very easy. They exceeded expectations during the quoting process and met all our requirements for purchase of lights and installation schedule which required replacing our plant lighting in small sections over time on the weekends. Batteries Plus’ relationship with OMNIA Partners, which includes prenegotiated T&C’s, expedited contract negotiations and allowed us to meet our installation schedule.

Cindy Santoro, Powell Industries

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Batteries Plus Case Study

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Batteries Plus presents $5,000 scholarships to students from three different families of fallen or disabled US military veterans

Batteries Plus Case Study