Batteries Plus

Electric & Lighting Solutions


Powering your 9-5 and beyond

Office, commercial and retail spaces require thoughtful lighting, taking into account things like computer screens, specific tasks and overall ambiance. Thousands of workers trust us to light their spaces and to make sure any batteries or battery back-ups powering office supplies, electronics and safety lights are charged up and ready to go. We’ll even help maintain your fleet of phones and tablets. Each space has unique needs, and cost savings are always top-of-mind. Let’s address your goals together.


  • LED Panels - Quick, easy installation in drop ceilings in office, commercial and retail settings.
  • Wall Packs - Light pathways, entryways and building perimeter for safety, security and aesthetics.
  • Downlights - A versatile, low-profile lighting solution for indoor spaces.
  • Floodlights - While floodlights offer better visibility, our bullet lights are perfect to highlight landscape features.


  • Exit / Emergency - Call attention to all entrances and exits to stay safe in an emergency
  • Alarm Panel - Security systems are typically powered by SLA batteries. Make sure yours is reliable and long-lasting.
  • Delivery Truck - Reliable power gets your products on the road and out to customers. 
  • UPS Backup - Protect important data and equipment in the event of a power surge or outage.

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