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Electric & Lighting Solutions


Lighting & power for safety & productivity

In a warehouse, there’s no time for downtime. Everyone has a job to do and each job must be done safely and efficiently. That’s where lighting & battery power come in. Overhead, directional, interior, exterior, forklifts, exit signage, inventory control devices… it’s a lot to account for. Let our lighting experts assess your needs and supply your batteries and bulbs. A safe workplace is a productive workplace. Together, we’ll keep it running. Let’s talk.


  • High Bay -  Indoor lighting solutions casting bright, even light in warehouses with high ceilings.
  • Area Lighting - Illuminate parking lots and building grounds with bright, uniform lighting.
  • Strip Lights - Low maintenance, super efficient and a perfect solution for general overhead lighting.
  • Floodlights - Floodlights offer increased security and visibility outside of your facility.


  • Delivery Truck - Reliable power gets products on the road and out to customers.
  • Forklift - Keep things rolling along seamlessly with equipment that works every time.
  • Golf Cart - Efficient power to reliably get from here to there.
  • Scanner - Power the tools you need to get the job done.

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