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Over 500,000 technology items from over 7,000 brands!

B&H is the source for all your Audio/Visual and IT equipment needs and OMNIA Partners is proud to offer this unique program to members. We offer contracted, cost effective, and easy purchasing options on the full line of technology products, including photo, video, pro-audio, surveillance, computers, drones and peripherals.

Why Choose B&H?

  • With the largest in-stock inventory & state-of-the-art warehouses, most orders ship within 24 hours of your order being processed
  • B&H understands your time constraints and will work with you to expedite the processing of your orders and provide real-time order tracking
  • Our B&H B2B checkout through OMNIA Partners features Purchasing Team controls giving you a streamlined approval process
  • Request pricing reviews for additional savings on quotes over $5,000 prior to placing an order
  • Various payment options accepted including P-Cards and Purchase Orders

Advanced Professional Services

  • IT Services available for time-of-purchase upgrades, device enrollment, kits & customizations, and turnkey solutions
  • Our team of experienced industry pros at The Studio-B&H is available to provide expert technical advice and planning for your streaming media & video production solutions