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About Centimark

Innovative Commercial Roofing Solutions

CentiMark’s mission is to keep your building watertight, protect your property and employees all in concert with regular business hours. We provide full building analysis to determine what your needs might be and the best solutions to fit those needs.

We’re here to help with all of your roofing needs. From our roof replacement, repair and service programs to our preventative maintenance program, our professional crews are dedicated to delivering safe and smart solutions that fit your needs.

At CentiMark we’re committed to providing you with top quality of service, unparalleled workmanship and dedication to safety. As a OMNIA Partner supplier, our number one priority is to ensure that your commercial building is in excellent condition.

Protect your investment:

A building’s roof is one of its most valuable assets. Understanding the condition of your roof through a commercial roof evaluation will help you prepare for repairs or replacement and ultimately extend the life of your roof. 

CentiMark can tailor a roof evaluation program to fit your needs, helping you to increase the return of your investment and get the maximum value from your roofing dollars. Read about our Roof Evaluation Services here. 

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