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Calculating the Cost of Safety Complacency
Accidents happen. Even the most diligent, safety conscious plant managers or safety officers have experienced an incident. Which means your safety program has to be “always on.” Read More
5 Factors Why an AED Program Is Critical
Did you know that AEDs located in public places greatly improve the chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest? As the #1 killer in the workplace resulting in over 300,000 deaths each year, sudden cardiac arrest can ...  Read More
3 Driving Factors for AED Compliance
Let’s face it ­– life-threatening emergencies happen, and unfortunately no business is immune. But, what do you really know about these types of situations and what it takes to be prepared? Read More
It’s Time to Redefine Workwear for Women
Millennial women are taking the workforce by storm. According to almost 60% of all college students are women, demonstrating a growing gender gap in higher education - the so-called "ticket" to a high-paying job. A ...  Read More
Purchase your Workplace First Aid with Compliance in Mind
Facilities have job-specific liabilities when it comes to their first aid requirements. Many work related injuries can be appropriately addressed through first aid response, making your compliance to purchasing the ...  Read More

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