Corporate Payment Solutions

Manage Your Payments More Easily and Cost-Effectively

Corpay Payment Automation enables comprehensive, automated B2B payments for businesses of all sizes. Our full-service, ERP-agnostic, automated payment solutions empower your AP team to save time and costs by consolidating all your vendor payments into a single workflow.

Easily execute all payments in a single workflow

Make virtual card, check, ACH, and international payments in a single payment run.

Simplify the reconciliation process

Reduce the time needed to reconcile your payments with our automated reporting.

Spend less time managing payments

Manage unclaimed card balances and stale-dated checks.

Reduce AP costs

Push as many transactions to virtual card or ACH means even fewer checks and less printing and postage.

Maintain control and mitigate payment risk and liability

Customizable approval workflows allow you to control what gets paid and when, while Corpay Payment Automation assumes responsibility for payment fraud risk for qualified payments.

Manage domestic and international payments

Pay international suppliers across 170 countries in 140 currencies through the same simple process as domestic payments.

How Corpay Payment Automation Works

Full Implementation and Program Management Support

Implementation and Setup

  • A dedicated implementation team helps you implement Corpay Payment Automation with minimal-to-no burden on your IT team.
  • Technical resources work with you to lead integration with your existing accounting software.
  • Ongoing, hands-on training and documentation for your team.

Payment Services

  • Our vendor network includes 850,000 vendors that are already enrolled to receive payments via Corpay Payment Automation.
  • Eliminate the administrative burden of following up on unprocessed payments and fielding payment status calls from vendors.
  • Our AP Concierge team is on hand to submit payments to vendors over the phone or via portals — saving you time and headaches.