Corporate Payment Solutions

Optimize and Control Your Vendor Payments with Virtual Cards

Virtual cards keep you in control of your payment process. Single-use virtual Mastercards® enable you to send secure payments to your suppliers.

Gain visibility, reduce risk, and digitize your payments with Corpay Virtual Card.

Perks Beyond Points

Each payment you send out the door could be earning you monthly rebates. When we deliver your payments through the Mastercard network, we are able to provide a money-back rebate, similar to the way a consumer gets cash back on a credit card.

More Control and Easy Reconciliation

Track payments, reconcile automatically, and gain insight into your workflow. Implement your existing controls while eliminating paper and reducing risk.

Save Time and Cut Costs

Sending checks is expensive and time-consuming. When you transition to digital payments, you spend less time chasing signatures and more time focusing on the business and strategic initiatives.

Part of a Complete Payment Solution

Our dedicated technical team integrates our virtual card system directly into your accounting software, and customize it to fit your process.