About Freightwire

Integrated eCommerce Shipping Solutions and More

Freightwire West Coast (FWWC) is one of the nation's leading providers to Parcel + Freight Shipping Services. In fact, FWWC is one of the only three companies in the Nation that has permission from FedEx to re-sell its FedEx contract to other companies. Therefore, FWWC can offer pre-approved contract pricing and discounts to members of OMNIA Partners immediately. No hassles. No negotiations with FedEx. Members of OMNIA Partners can simply use the FWWC FedEx pricing. Members of OMNIA Partners will be able to start shipping and saving the same week its requested. 

FWWC is backed by the 3rd largest logistics company in North America, England Logistics. As a result, FWWC is able to bring freight pricing exclusively for England Logistics to OMNIA Partners members. This pricing is well below market price and only available to OMNIA Partners members through FWWC and its unique Agent Partner relationship with England Logistics. This pricing cannot be obtained directly from England nor from FWWC. It is exclusive to OMNIA Partners on behalf of its Members. As part of FWWC shipping savings program (aka Gain Share Savings Program - see below for details), a large company with revenue between $100m in revenue should see 20%+ in savings. This is hard dollar savings. Cash on the barrel savings. Measurable, quantifiable savings that go directly to a company's bottom line. 

For traditional shipping & freight services, FWWC also offers a full complement of traditional freight services such as DHL eCommerce, FedEx, below market prices for all leading national freight carriers such as SAIA, Conway, XPO, YRC, R+L, etc. to cover all of your shipping & freight needs.