Garland & OMNIA Partners Private Sector


Customized Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions

Garland/DBS offers customized solutions for all your exterior roofing and waterproofing needs regardless of size, complexity or budget. Our process starts with identifying your requirements, inspecting your roof and exterior waterproofing systems, and assessing their existing conditions. We use the information gathered to identify and recommend solutions based on your performance expectations.

Facilities Database

You have complete and continuous access to the results of our comprehensive facility audit, helping you prioritize and budget for repair and replacement projects.

Design & Engineering Services

Our in-house engineering team provides the technical resources needed to deliver successful projects.

Project Management

Benefit from our consistent delivery model and ability to manage complex, single or multi-site projects.

Certified Quality Contractors

Our trusted network of qualified and financially stable contractor partners know Garland products and our high standards of quality. We accept nothing less than the best for our customers.

200+ Local Reps

Your local manager(s) will be on site frequently to monitor installation, provide progress updates and ensure successful project completion - documenting every step along the way.

Sustainable Solutions

Achieve your energy savings goals through our green solutions such as reflective coatings and vegetative, low-VOC and cold-applied roofs.

Warranty Protection and Continuation

Garland offers long-term warranty protection on all labor and materials. We also can help ensure existing warranties are not voided throughout the projects we undertake.

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