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Global Enterprise-Wide Supplier Risk Assessment Service

GRMS | Global Risk Management Solutions is the recognized leader in providing global enterprise-wide supplier risk assessment programs of suppliers, contractors and service providers in over 120 countries. GRMS’ services include the verification of data, physical review of documents and a support system that assists suppliers to get into compliance with their client’s risk assessment requirements.

Through the OMNIA Partners program, members gain access to GRMS’ no cost service solutions and suppliers receive discounted rates. Monitoring supplier risk has never been easier, reducing time and compliance costs for companies worldwide.

GRMS Risk Modules

GRMS has created eight primary modules that are comprised of a subset of risk components targeting key areas of supplier risk. Each client can select the modules and/or components which best meets their needs based on factors such as geography, risk and spend.


GRMS has created dynamic data integrations between our Veritas platform and the leading Agency Management Systems (AMS) which are directly integrated with the insurance carrier’s databases eliminating the need to request a Certificate of Insurance (COI).

Using this technology, GRMS digitally requests insurance verification data directly from the supplier’s agent. The verification is done in real time and compared against GRMS’ client requirements. This integration continuously monitors the carrier’s databases for any changes or updates and if detected, will update the supplier’s risk assessment instantly.

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GRMS along with a team of safety professionals, have created a comprehensive HSE program that is significantly less expensive and much easier to complete than the Avetta and ISNetworld programs. This new program enhances our existing enterprise-wide supplier risk assessment programs which include Digital Insurance Verification (DIV) and financial stability assessments.

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