Supplier Risk Assessments

Program Highlights

GRMS | Global Risk Management Solutions is the recognized leader in providing global enterprise-wide supplier risk assessment programs of suppliers, contractors and service providers in over 120 countries. GRMS’ services include the verification of data, physical review of documents and a support system that assists suppliers to get into compliance with their client’s risk assessment requirements.

Through the OMNIA Partners program, members gain access to GRMS’ no cost service solutions and suppliers receive discounted rates. Monitoring supplier risk has never been easier, reducing time and compliance costs for companies worldwide.

Program Highlights include:

  • No cost to OMNIA Partners Members
  • Reduce corporate exposure across key risk areas
  • All risk data is located on one platform
  • Assist in supplier rationalization
  • Measurable administrative cost savings
  • Consistently check and monitor all suppliers globally
  • Gain world class expertise without growing your team
  • Protect your brand globally

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GRMS and OMNIA Partners Flyer