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Find out how these four manufacturers save a total of ~$1.1 million in documented savings.

Motors Grind Out Powerful Savings for Beef Processor

Documented Savings: $900,000

A local beef processing plant, that processes approximately 10,000 cattle per week, was experiencing a high motor failure rate and looking for a better motor solution. The 600 motors throughout the various harvesting, processing, and rendering equipment face high-pressure washdown conditions daily from bleach, boiling water, and other harsh chemicals. Depending on the application, the typical motor life was only 3-12 months. The conversion to new motors has saved the beef processing plant over $900,000 in downtime and motor purchases over a five-year span. Read full case study.

Saving Serious Dough in a Dough Machine

Documented Savings: $74,457

A bakery was experiencing regular failures on their linear guides on band cutters. The existing linear guides on the band cutter needed to be replaced every 3 weeks causing excessive maintenance, downtime and lost production. The solution led to a 10x longer life, while increasing output and decreasing downtime. Read full case study.

Bakery Saves 33k 

Documented Savings: ~$33,000/year

A large bakery routinely experienced nuisance maintenance due to bearing seal failures on their bun reversing conveyors. This cost thousands of dollars of downtime and caused the maintenance staff to regularly change out bearings instead of working on other plant priorities. On the bun reversing conveyor, the bearings were being changed two or three times per month or approximately 26 times per year. After switching bearings on the bun reversing conveyor, the plant decreased labor costs and downtime, while improving operating efficiency. Read full case study.

Bottling Plant Drinks in Savings

Documented Savings: $73,592

A global leader in the beverage industry was conveying containers of cans and PET bottles over powered roller conveyors. The lines were old, with many of the rollers no longer turning. Containers were stranded weekly and required the use of a man-lift to dislodge them. Jam-ups from the stranded containers caused excessive wear on the incline conveyors and frequent replacement of the rollers and O-rings. The beverage manufacturer was able to save $18,800 in maintenance costs and $62,400 annually in lost production costs, providing an overall savings of $73,592. Read full case study. 

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