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Corporate Accounts - Innovative Solutions; Bottom Line Results

Kaman Industrial Technologies (KIT) develops mutually beneficial partnerships with end users by delivering solutions, which impact the bottom line, enabling them to be more competitive and profitable in the marketplace.

The Advantages to a Partnership with KIT 

More than an MRO Part Provider. We Focus on Our Customers' Profitability.

Our approach to Corporate Account Management is tailored to suit the needs of each customer. By utilizing best-in-class business procedures, continuously evaluating our performance and bringing proven programs, services and supplier relationships to fruition in each unique situation, we are able to deliver significant cost reductions for our partners.

We accomplish this objective by collaborating with our customer partners and working with and through procurement, maintenance, engineering and reliability to identify opportunities and innovative solutions. 

Our goal is to make our customer partners more productive, competitive and profitable.

Breaking Further from the Pack

KIT differentiates itself by offering the following proven strategy for achieving success:

  • Focused Implementations 
  • Documented Savings™ Program 
  • After Hours & Emergency Service
  • Field & Shop Services 
  • Maintenance & Reliability Services 
  • Product & Application Training 
  • Customer Care Commitment 
  • Energy Management & Sustainability 
  • Effective Inventory Management 
  • Efficient eProcurement 
  • Faster sourcing via Kamandirect.com
  • Analytical Services 
  • Training Seminars 

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The KIoT team can build a network gathering all information in one analysis that can make the root cause of failure apparent. The KIoT Team can then connect the data from all of your plants into one analysis - identifying best practices and leveraging insights across the entire enterprise.