Janitorial Supplies & Services

Industries Serviced

We have depth and breadth across multiple industries throughout North America.


KBS works with major retailers to improve quality, increase efficiency, and implement programs nationwide. We are the leading facility services provider to retailers. Our protocols and methods drive client satisfaction improvement, and deliver consistent brand quality nationwide. We partner with clients for smooth outsourcing transitions to 20,000 locations, covering over 500 M square footage for:

  • Grocery Chains
  • Specialty Retail Chains
  • Pharmacy & Drug Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Warehouse & Club Formats

Logistics Support

Shipping and logistics centers are the backbones of business. The smooth operation of these 24/7 facilities is essential and keeping their workers safe is vital. KBS is the leading provider of the facility services that have kept shipping and logistics operations running during the COVID crisis. We continue that work with a full range of facility hygiene and operational support services that raise standards and lower costs for operations at scale.  We service 2,500 locations, covering 218 M square feet to:

  • Distribution Centers
  • Cross Dock
  • Delivery Stations
  • Delivery Vehicle Hygiene and Provisioning
  • Transportation Depots


KBS is working leaders in the hospitality industry to provide essential facility service programs so clients can focus on guest satisfaction and quality of service. We’re able to raise standards and lower costs for hotels, casinos, venues, and restaurant chains at scale. We service over 1,000 hotels and 650 restaurants, covering 3.5 M square footage to:

  • Hotels, Resorts & Casinos
  • Restaurants, Bars, Country Clubs & Cafeterias
  • Event Spaces, Stadiums & Arenas

Business & Industry

KBS works as an essential facility services partner to a range of clients it classifies as business and industry.  We tailor solutions at scale for each of these sectors based on their unique needs. We also utilize industry expertise and best practices from one sector to another to deliver the best results. 

We service over 10,000 locations, covering 149 M square footage to:

  • Education/Religious
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Banks and Financial
  • Corporate Campus & Office
  • Data Centers, Technology, Pharma

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