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Digitizing your files will give you easier access to the information currently locked inside. Everyone can benefit from increased productivity by decreasing the time you spend hunting for information. Essentially, digitizing can help you reclaim precious lost hours of the day.

Konica Minolta’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) program will help you run lean and more efficiently. Through our clear and concise BPO assessment methodology, we will define the most relevant business requirements to align with company goals.

We focus on three key areas where you can improve your digital footprint immediately:

BACKFILE SCANNING - Looking through paper files can be challenging to your team -- if they are spending hours looking for information.  When a document is misfiled, there is even more frustration.  By digitizing your documents, you can give your team easy access to information and save all the time previously spent searching through paper.


  • Respond to customer requests  more quickly
  • Find digital documents
  • Reduce the need to set aside office space to store paper files or boxes of files
  • Save on storage costs at off-site facilities
  • Improve employee safety (no more climbing up to the highest storage shelf to find the right box.
  • Have confidence that you have preserved all types of media before they reach their end of life.

DAY FORWARD STRATEGY - Beside a room full of paper files, another challenge business face is what to do with the towering amount of paper documents that you generate daily. Scanning all your paper documents and converting them to a digital format takes time, effort, and money. What you need is a day-forward strategy. 

DIGITAL MAIL AS A SERVICE - Critical operations need your attention right away.  You do not need your team to wait for mail to be sorted, processed and delivered to their desks before they can start their processing.  Invoices, claims, orders -- all of these contribute to a critical downstream process -- and our team can end the wait by setting up a digital process.  With your claims arriving at our scanning center, we process the information and deliver to your team daily.  You accelerate your processing and have a digital document to share or start a workflow. 

  • Saving time with better access to digitized information.
  • Save space and storage costs that paper causes
  • Protecting records from an unforeseen disaster or simply old-age media
  • Considering the next step - to a content services platform

MICROFILM \ MICROFICHE - In addition to digitizing your documents, we also suggest that you digitize the microfilm and microfiche in your archives. Film will deteriorate over time, and losing those images can be a big loss.

Ramsey, NJ (November 17, 2020) – Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta), along with its IT Services Division, All Covered, is proud to announce it has received a prestigious Buyers Lab (BLI) PaceSetter 2020-2021 in Managed IT Services from Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s leading independent evaluator for document imaging software, hardware and services. The award recognizes Konica Minolta’s IT Services from All Covered, which span a range of markets and capabilities

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