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If you look around and see files filled with paper or storage rooms packed with paper records, you are probably in need of taking the first step toward digital transformation. Why is this important?

BUSINESS EFFICIENCY – By transforming your physical documents into digital data you can utilize the information more effectively.

  • Files are not lost. They are digitally stored in a centralized location
  • Looking for an employee record from 1 year’s ago? Your data is searchable and you can easily find what you need in minutes
  • Eliminate employee frustration with manual entry of data and manual workflows. With digital information –  you can scan/capture/index/integrate data with business systems so employees do not have to rekey. Plus, you eliminate those human errors that manual processes create
  • Workflows are automated and reviewers are accountable

SECURITY/BUSINESS CONTINUITY – Security breaches and the threat of natural disasters keep CEO’s awake at night. Why risk losing everything if you don’t have to? If you have your information in a digital format – you can store it in the cloud or ensure your own servers are backed-up in a different location – so when disaster strikes – you can get back in business. We have seen what unexpected flooding or wildfires or hurricane-force winds can do to structures. With digitized content – you proactively have taken the precautions to avoid the problems in the future.

RISK REDUCTION -- Regulatory requirements, Audits, Compliance needs – every business has to abide by the rules and failing to meet the requirements means your operation is in jeopardy. Audits are notorious for taking staff away from everyday work to prepare. But, with digital content that you easily access, the preparation is fast and focused.

SAVINGS – Between the time savings by going from manual to automated processes, the space savings by reducing the need for paper storage of records or everyday files and the ability to create a better work environment for staff – who no longer have to be frustrated with tedious, repetitive task – you will find savings all around. The key is that you are able to make your work operations more streamlined and easier for all to function better. This includes your customers. With data available at your fingertips – you can provide customers the information that they need quickly.

ENABLEMENT   How can you start this digital transformation? And, how do you know what it entails? Depending on your level of knowledge, you may already have identified areas for improvement – like AP – your invoicing process needs help or HR – your on-boarding process is too sluggish – but our consultants can help guide you best through an Information Process and Analysis to assess your current state and listen to your goals for your future state.
With an IPA, we build a road map customized to the solution you seek – and layout a phased implementation process to ensure your organization trains, learns and adopts to new technology and a new way to use data.

There are many aspects of Content Management. From just scanning the paper (Business Process Outsourcing) into a PDF
to converting that PDF into a searchable document (Capture) to extracting and indexing data from that image so you can integrate it into other systems (Content Management). 

Working with our consultants, you can determine how you want
to start or what are your priorities and goals for using your information. Our team can help you find the right new solution or help you to migrate/configure your existing SharePoint platform for expanded business processing services.

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