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Managed Print Services (MPS)

The greatest value of Management Print Services (MPS) is that you can take charge of your business. 

Print is typically the third highest operation cost (after rent and payroll) in a business. That means it should not be ignored.  If you have never considered your print operations and looked to optimize your fleet, MPS can be game-changer for your organization.

Printers do not print. People do.

When you manage your print operations, you are doing more than monitoring your devices for optimal performance. You can find ways to improve output with digitization and automated workflow and allocate costs more effectively. 

There are two options:
1) Cost-Per-Page – with this option you’re a billed based on the volume of output. With visibility of volume, you can better control costs and reduction output spend.

2) Pay-Per-Device – with this option you are charged one flat rage for each device – same price regardless of volume.
Once you start to realize how MPS can help reduce costs, you will  find increase staff productivity, freed up IT resources, access to auto toner delivery, better oversight with account management and guidance on improving workflow.

With our MPS, you will only need to deal with one vendor – so contact us to consolidate with us or start a new program for greater control over your expenses.

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