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Return To Work

As we Rethink the Future of Work, we know you will be facing changes in how your organization operates. Some employees will be working remotely, some employees returning to the office, and some doing a combination of both. At Konica Minolta, we can help you navigate both of these situations to improve your employees’ access to information, and to safeguard their return to your facility.

Getting your employees back into your offices can pose some challenges. We have developed an end-to-end solution that can help you address: 

  • Employee Safety
  • Virtual Health Checks 
  • Secure Reporting and Incident Management

Whether you need only the Virtual Check-in or a complete solution with Incident Management, we can help you with the right Return to Work solution.

Remote Work

Konica Minolta has answers for questions created by Remote Workers.  We offer

  • Solutions that provide access to information
  • Tools to make finding corporate  information easier
  • Services for conversion of analog documents to digital platforms
  • Automation software to speed up manual processes
  • Strategies to reduce manual entry tasks

Now is the time to address any shortfall that affected your employees, and can still affect them. Your digital transformation is critical to eliminating a work hold-up or stoppage due to lack of information access or manual processes that have been a bottle-neck for remote workers.

Rethink The Future Of Work

How we are working now and where we will go in the future will depend on the readiness of companies to re-look at their business and redefine their models for maximum productivity. We have seen three trends that are important to consider in this Digital Transformation / Review for Readiness – as we are not likely to go back to the model that we had pre-pandemic: Remote Work Readiness, Returning to Work Safely, Rethinking Operations.

Konica Minolta understands that the world of work is changing fast. Through their program, members of OMNIA Partners will have all the tools needed in adapting to this new environment.

Companies have already started to rethink their office locations and where they should focus their core efforts.  We know there will be more remote workers in the future.and active monitoring and tracking functionality are needed for a safe return to the work environment. We know the work environment is going to look a lot different

Konica Minolta provides solutions for:

  • Home Offices/Remote Workers
  • Managed Mobility
  • Onsite Managed Services
  • Secure Video Solutions


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