Lawson Products

Industrial Supplies & MRO

Never out, never over, just right.

Your Lawson Representative ensures the products you need are on-hand and stocked according to how you run your business.

  •  Eliminate time spent taking inventory and re-ordering small parts.
  •  Minimize time spent looking for products.
  •  Reduce unplanned trips to off-site stores looking for parts.
  •  Lessen project downtime by having the right parts stocked and ready for use.

Before Lawson

A disorganized parts room creates unnecessary project downtime:

  •  Time lost looking for the right product when you need it.
  •  Disorganized and inefficient bin and cabinet set-up.
  •  Disruptive, unplanned trips to off-site stores looking for parts.
  •  Too much time spent taking small-parts inventory.

After Lawson

Your Lawson Representative saves you time and money by:

  •  Making sure you have the right product in the right place at the right time.
  •  Designing and installing the most efficient system of clearly labeled bins and cabinets, based on how your shop operates.
  •  Continually managing your product inventory.
  •  Offering product application advice and on-site support for every Lawson high-performance product.

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