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Securing the Future with Full Spectrum Cybersecurity

With cyberattacks accelerating at an alarming rate, it’s smart to have industry experts with proven security programs protecting your data.

Today, data is the lifeblood of most organizations. Without it, productivity grinds to a halt. Whether it’s the data that runs sales, operations, engineering, HR, or finance, protecting business data is essential.

So, how certain are you that your data is protected from cybercrime?

Through the OMNIA Partners Cybersecurity Program with MCPc members will dramatically minimize the risk of disruption from the vulnerabilities in their people, processes, and systems that lead to cyber-attacks. The program holistically and comprehensively integrates best-in-class technology with world-class technologists to provide unsurpassed cybersecurity solutions.


  • 24/7/365 U.S. Based Security Operations Centers
    • Round the clock onshore remote network and device monitoring to keep your business safe
  • Comprehensive Assessments and Security Solutions
    • Identify, understand and close the cyber vulnerability gaps with integrated solutions
  • New Cybersecurity as a Service (CYBaaS) Monthly Subscription Program
    • Get the highest degree of security with the lowest amount of risk – affordably
  • Discount on Contracted Rates

About MCPc

MCPc is a global data protection company that focuses on security, sustainability, and overall risk management.

As a cybersecurity resource to OMNIA Partners Members, MCPc’s Cyber and Security Leadership Team brings over two hundred years of law enforcement, CIA, FBI, and Fortune 50/500 expertise to tackle the toughest data protection and cybersecurity challenges. Of MCPc’s 425 associates, over 60 are on the security team.

MCPc provides comprehensive cybersecurity offerings encompassing:

  •  Planning:
    •  Security Program and Vulnerability Assessments
    •  Cybersecurity as a Service (CYBaaS) Monthly Subscription Program
  • Prevention & Detection - Managed Security Solutions:
    • 24/7/365 all onshore Remote Monitoring and Management
    • Anomaly and behaviorally based Endpoint Detection and Response - the better anti-virus
    • Managed Patching
    • Managed Backup
  • Response & Recovery
    • Incident Response
    • Digital Forensics
    • Complete Recovery & Remediation Services
    • Service Level Response Time Agreement (with CYBaaS)
    • Discount on Contracted Rates (with CYBaaS)

MCPc is a CRN 2020 Security100 Security Solutions Provider

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