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Material Handling Equipment and Facilities Maintenance


We cover the full spectrum of products and services required to keep equipment and facilities running safe at the lowest total cost of ownership.  Our proven solutions are simple and can scale up to a full outsource of a category over time.  They include: 

Let us help you get Material Handling categorized as a top 10 spend for your CFO and start lowering your TOC! 

Your business is increasingly complex due to supply and demand challenges.

We understand you could be facing labor issues, limited space, inefficient processes dragging down productivity, SKU proliferation, inflation, and the list goes on.

With the launch of OnPoint Group Racking & Automation to OMNIA Partner's Private Sector, we now offer solutions that can simplify your automation journey, regardless of the degree of complexity you are currently facing.

More space. Less Picks. Reduce labor. Improve Throughput.

Let's talk today and get you on the right path to score some wins in 2022.

Racking & Automation

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Racking & Automation