Technology Solutions

Lower printing costs

Prepare to be surprised by how much you can reduce costs, decrease waste and tighten security in your print environment when you outsource print services. A modern, efficient infrastructure also includes analytics capabilities that enable ongoing improvements in user satisfaction, cost containment and data protection.

Start with a comprehensive assessment

Measure and control your printing costs with Cost Management, which includes visibility into who's using your print devices and how they're used, anti-waste safeguards and chargeback capabilities.

  • Centralized Printing Solutions encompass right-sizing your distributed printer fleet, oversight of devices and technical support. After developing a customized print management strategy, we'll staff, equip and manage your print environment.
  • Managed Print Services optimize output management processes and technology throughout your organization to improve how you create, store, use and protect information. We'll scrutinize mobile printing, copy/print centers, records, enterprise content management and other areas before implementing a strategy and central point of control.

Simplify technology decisions with managed print services

  • Technology Services focus on having the right technologies in place and optimizing device use with multiple support options. In addition to print devices, our team can install and maintain Intelligent Lockers, Interactive Flat Panel Displays and other productivity tools. The technologies available through Printer Management and Security track device usage, generate reports, automate certain manual functions and implement security measures.
  • The Print Platform Cloud Service allows you to reduce IT staffing levels and decrease the time you spend managing your infrastructure. Move printing to the cloud to streamline authentication, compliance, mobile access, software updates and more.

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