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About RTI Global

Enabling You to Conduct Fact-based Negotiations that Achieve Sustainable Cost Reductions

RTI is a technical consulting firm founded in in 1998 that provides clients with strategic solutions for managing resin, paper & plastic packaging. Through our technical expertise, global networks, market intelligence, and engineering analysis, we're able to provide total visibility into the supply chain. We are your behind the scenes partner.

Our deep domain expertise and technical capability provide unparalleled visibility into your supplier’s economics while providing commercially proven target pricing at the item level. Our commitment to the assessment process impacts the client’s bottom line with resin, paper, and packaging savings most often with no change in the current supplier or material. RTi partners with your team to create a fact-based negotiation strategy that when implemented generates unparalleled results.

Service & Customer Value Highlights

  • No-Risk structure
  • RTi works behind the scenes as your partners in procurement
  • RTi enhances our client's ability to conduct:
    •      Fact-based negotiations (several levels above your typical sales executive)
    •      Achieve and sustain best-in-class pricing
    •      Decipher technology cost advantage/disadvantage
  • We don't get paid until you save money. You pay RTi out of savings achieved.

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