Expense Management


User Experience

  • Real-time line item expense processing
  • Mobile expense capture, submission and approval
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Imports corporate card items with coding and enhanced data
  • Email notifications throughout the expense approval process
  • Supports corporate cards, out-of-pocket spend, allowances, mileage, and cash advance claims
  • Integrated travel solution

Expense Automation

  • AI extracts key information from receipt photos, e-receipts, invoices, PDFs, and more
  • Auto-matching of receipts to their respective credit card transactions
  • E-receipts import automatically from supported providers
  • Reduce expense processing costs by as much as 75%


  • Highly configurable workflows allow administrators to aggregate expenses by the approving manager, finance, and payroll preferences
  • Personalized views and dashboards provide ultimate flexibility for approvers and accounts payable while increasing efficiency and ease of use
  • Support for multiple languages and tax configurations to streamline expense processes
  • Customizable site to reflect corporate branding, so it feels like an internal application for employees


  • Policy breach and duplicate expense alerts
  • One-click business approval via mobile app or email
  • Expenses are immediately available for managers or finance to approve
  • Multi-level approval and approval delegation controls
  • Comprehensive policy management and alerts
  • Integrated travel diary
  • Entertainment attendee capture
  • PCI DSS Level 3.2
  • ATO, SOX and GDPR compliant