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Energy Services

Lowering energy costs for our clients is a top priority. We help clients understand their energy needs and requirements and always look to optimize and improve existing systems before recommending any investments in new capital upgrades.

Innovative Energy Solutions 

Service Logic customizes energy programs and services to create an ideal solution for each client’s individual objectives. Pairing the latest in energy technologies with our industry-leading services, we maximize the efficiency of current operations and assist in developing and implementing a long-term energy sustainability plan.

Our local experience, expertise and commitment uniquely position us to self-perform and be held fully accountable for the services we provide. Our successful long-term client relationships are our greatest testimony to the quality of the programs we provide. 

Complete Building Efficiency 

Our Energy Services solutions begin by maximizing the efficiency of a building’s existing systems. We start our process by making sure we understand the system’s design, operation, and maintenance requirements so we can create the right solution that lowers costs and enhances the working environment. 

While maximizing the efficiency of existing systems, we benchmark the building’s performance to further identify and evaluate no-cost/low-cost savings opportunities. Savings opportunities often include the introduction of new energy efficiency technologies.  Examples include:

  • High efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Variable speed pumping, fan, and motor systems
  • Building automation and controls
  • Energy monitoring and reporting
  • Building analytics
  • Energy recovery & free cooling systems
  • Cogeneration Systems
  • Turntide Technologies Smart Motor Systems *

*  As a Value-Added Reseller and preferred installation partner of Turntide Technologies Service Logic works directly with end users to implement energy savings projects utilizing Turntide’s patented technology.  View the video below to learn more.

Energy Sustainability 

We understand the path to energy sustainability is a journey and not an event. Therefore, we partner with our clients to develop long-term turnkey programs that include everything from energy management and capital planning, incentives and rebates, flexible financing, return on investment and financial analysis, to guaranteed performance programs. 

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