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When you need a partner to get your message out, Sketch Creative has the services to be your all-in partner. From creative to procurement and delivery. Our agency will help you with your strategy, videos and social needs.

We are a creative collective where We specialize in creative strategy, video, animation, digital advertising, post-production and graphic, and print services. We develop videos and graphics for all types of support campaigns including sales, brand, and corporate messaging.

At Sketch, we provided a wide range of video packages for social media, sales, trade show and conferences, internal meetings, digital signage, pre-roll ads (YouTube, Spotify, etc.), and more.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to realize the audience for video marketing is captive and eager to receive your message. Our team is available to film or edit projects within any location, whether it’s local, national, or international. Video conferencing gives you the ability to connect and strategize without leaving your office or home. Our editing headquarters, while located in Nashville and open for local appointments, also features an online portal that allows you to manage all your editing projects from any location in the world.

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