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Specialty Gaskets was founded in 1980. Since then, it has earned preferred supplier status for leading manufacturers and heavy industrial users with high-temperature sealing, shielding and insulation applications. We are a Canadian company with production facilities in Mississauga, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, serving industrial partners across North America.

Every customer is unique, and we understand the importance of catering our goods and services to the needs of our customers. We work with our suppliers every step of the way to ensure timely ordering, quality assurance and product development. We work closely with our customers and identify their needs to fit seamlessly with like an extension of their organizations.

Our service commitment and partnership with OMNIA Partners means that members have immediate access to the best materials fabricated into the highest quality products and value-added services. Moreover, we don't limit ourselves to what is on the shelves, but offer creative solutions to fit unusual & complex needs.

Specialty Gaskets Inc. offers products designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of demanding OEM and industrial applications. We also provide added value with our inherent durability, flexibility, and the secure confidence gained by proven in-use experience.