Background Checks & Drug Screening


COVID-19 has quickly and dramatically influenced the purchasing landscape.

As a result of Sterling’s combined investment in technology and their extensive network, Sterling continued to fulfill background screenings in over 98% of US jurisdictions, during the height of the pandemic, despite court closures. This allowed Sterling clients, many of whom had to quickly fill critical life and economy sustaining roles, to perform their essential work.

Amid the continued uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sterling is dedicated to helping OMNIA Partners members navigate the path forward. From in-person, hybrid, to fully remote work models, Sterling offers a range of services designed to meet the unique needs of every organization.


About Sterling

Comprehensive and Accurate Background Screening and Monitoring

Sterling—a leading provider of background and identity services—offers background and identity verification to help over 40,000 clients create people-first cultures built on a foundation of trust and safety. Sterling’s tech-enabled services help organizations across all industries establish great environments for their workers, partners, and customers. With operations around the world, Sterling conducts more than 75 million background checks annually. Visit us at

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