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Helping You Navigate Energy Purchasing Strategies and More

Energy costs can be unpredictable and can significantly impact your bottom line. Trane Energy Supply Services provides strategic energy procurement and management that can help you realize savings, lower price risk and exposure to market volatility, and achieve business results. We can help you create a comprehensive energy plan incorporating proprietary data and forecasts, risk tolerance assessments and purchasing strategies.

As a member of OMNIA Partners, you have access to a full suite of energy services from Trane that can help reduce risk, leverage the scale of the OMNIA Partners group purchasing organization and reduce energy costs. With over 30 years of experience in the Energy Services space, Trane offers Energy Cost Assessments to find the right solution for your business. Get started today!

Get tools and insights to effectively manage a complex indirect spend category

Best-in-class energy management program for OMNIA Partners Members since 2015

Leadership and direction for your business in an evolving industry

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