Energy Management Solutions

Virtual Power Purchasing Agreements

Corporations with significant energy use are increasingly seeking and finding financial and social value through renewable energy. There are various ways end-users can make a renewable energy commitment. In recent years, a popular option has been established as an increasingly attractive option in a company’s “toolbox,”* for large corporations: Virtual Power Purchase Agreements.

A Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) allows a corporation to secure the financial and environmental benefits of renewable energy assets at-scale and with no capital investment required.

OMNIA Partners and Trane® are leading an aggregate VPPA to allow Private Sector Members to access the outcomes of this renewable energy sourcing vehicle. The aggregation strategy allows for:

  • Increased purchasing power
  • Access to a VPPA at lower commitment levels than typically required
  • Fulfillment cost saving
  • Shared learning and perspectives
  • Extended P.R. value
    *Source: Virtual contracts drive a boom in corporate renewables procurement, Utility Dive. Oct 23, 2018.

    If your company is committed to - or is seeking to evaluate - renewable energy and you’d like to explore the value of the OMNIA Partners Members VPPA, please reach out using the form below.


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