Less Than Truckload & Small Parcel Solutions


Finding Your Company’s Opportunities

TransImpact’s Parcel Solutions help you find ways to reduce costs and transform parcel shipping into a business advantage. By combining forward-looking decision-making technology and unparalleled market expertise, we empower clients to improve efficiencies and give you the analytics to think ahead and stay ahead of the game.

  1. Access reports quickly and easily
  2. Increase visibility
  3. Partner with unparalleled market expertise

Are you ready to save money and make solid, nimble decisions?

Don’t Settle for Poor Service and Bad Pricing

In 2020, an e-commerce fashion and footwear company was struggling with the service level and data visibility from USPS. They believed, in the current Covid market, they had to settle for poor service and pricing. Instead, our team of experts guided them to an optimized, diversified carrier portfolio. The results?

  1. Savings of 24% annually in pure shipping cost reduction
  2. Significantly improved data visibility
  3. Greatly improved customer service

Parcel Spend Intelligence

Yes, we have the most forward-thinking technology in the industry. But it’s the combination of our people with the tech that makes the difference. Many of our support team are former FedEx® & UPS® pricing experts. They analyze your shipping spend and find 15%–25% in hidden savings on your current carrier agreement. It’s fast. It’s easy. And it could save your company millions.

  1. 1 out of 4 addresses in the U.S. receive a package audited by TransImpact
  2. Our analysts are experts at understanding rate agreements
  3. Their goal is to help you realize short- and long-term savings

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