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2023 UPS & FedEx Individual GRI Reports

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2022 UPS & FedEx GRI Comparison Report

On-Demand Now: How Procurement Can Successfully Battle COVID-19 Disruptions

Presented by TransImpact and OMNIA Partners

Covid-19 has disrupted business globally and caused challenges along the supply chain. Market conditions continue to be difficult, and there is an opportunity now for procurement and supply chain teams to lead the way in cutting costs, designing and implementing more agile processes, and creating a stronger, sustainable structure for the future.

In this procurement-focused Let's Talk Ship webinar, Dave Plantan, Managing Director of OMNIA Partners, and Jamie Vogel, TransImpact EVP of Sales and Marketing, will discuss how supply chains got into this state, what companies can do to survive it from the standpoint of shipping and parts/materials sourcing, and what they can do to be better prepared in the future.

On-Demand Now: Let's Talk Ship Webinar

Presented by TransImpact and OMNIA Partners

New year. New budget. New KPIs. Get the info to extract the most cost savings, meet your KPIs in 6–8 weeks, and establish a robust cost avoidance/mitigation strategy in our webinar “Let's Talk Ship.” 

The carriers are hitting customers with direct price increases. The same is happening in other commodities, and as if that’s not enough, more and more overseas suppliers are passing along price increases to the end user. All of this makes data visibility critical for procurement professionals. 

Watch the On-Demand Webinar below for a 40-minute strategy session with OMNIA Partners Regional Director Marco Pambianco and Jamie Vogel, EVP of Sales & Marketing, at supply chain experts TransImpact.

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