Managed Service Provider

Having the ability to select from a network of dynamic and functional technology providers allows us to bring customers market-leading solutions. We optimize their available sourcing channels and help them to engage talent and to innovate around the way they source.

Our Taskforce PMO program equips organizations with a rapid-response approach to sourcing large-scale talent projects in response to changing needs.

Direct Sourcing solutions bring the perfect blend of in-house tooling and supportive services to minimize agency costs and maximize quality and time-to-hire.

We’re leading the charge to move away from costly, slow to implement SaaS platforms towards secure adaptive private-cloud VMS solutions with game-changing integration and customization while improving data governance and scalability

‘configure not customize’ approach means you always get best-fit solutions faster with simpler onward support and adaptation

Advanced plug-and-play integration allows us to connect seamlessly with your incumbent IT systems, ID systems and third-party tools

Actionable insights and increased transparency across your talent sourcing and workforce management activities is assured by our digital dashboards and report generator.

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