Senior Vice President, Operations

Chris MellisChris Mellis is the Senior Vice President, Operations for OMNIA Partners, the largest and most experienced organization in group purchasing. OMNIA Partners serves the government, education, manufacturing and corporate markets.

As Senior Vice President, Mr. Mellis is responsible for the sales, enterprise and supplier operations for both the public sector and private sector subsidiaries of OMNIA Partners. Mr. Mellis’ department handles all reporting and analytics along with special projects, member services, supplier onboarding and is the liaison for all systems and data integration for OMNIA Partners. The operations team supports all departments across the OMNIA Partners organization.

Mr. Mellis joined OMNIA Partners following a 15-year career at U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance where he served as Senior Vice President of Sales.

During his term at U.S. Communities Mr. Mellis was responsible for building and maintaining the sales team, along with implementing plans for the organization’s go to market strategy, creating an online marketplace and a reporting program to better track program usage. Under the direction of Mr. Mellis the sales team was instrumental in growing sales for the U.S. Communities program from $300 million annually to $3.2 billion annually.