A Look Back: How OMNIA Partners Became The Nation's Leading Cooperative

In 2001, President and CEO Todd Abner and former COO Ward Brown formed Horizon Resource Group, a group purchasing organization dedicated to higher education.  

The success of Horizon Resource Group led to the formation of National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA) in 2006, expanding company offerings into state and local government and primary education business. 

Under the leadership of Abner and Brown, National IPA acquired The Cooperative Purchasing Network Management Company, LLC (TCPN), a national cooperative dedicated to primary education and public sector agencies in July 2015. 

The following year, National IPA became the exclusive channel partner for Vizient serving government and educational entities. Through the partnership with Vizient, our participants have access to a supplementary contract portfolio. 

In 2018, U.S. Communities was acquired. Following this acquisiton, National IPA and U.S. Communities merged together forming OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. Bringing together the two largest cooperatives in the public procurement space, along with the other acquisitions detailed above, contributed to the status of OMNIA Partners as the largest and most trusted organization in purchasing today. 

OMNIA Partners, Public Sector History

Together We're Shaping The Future of Purchasing

With the most experienced team in cooperative procurement and long-standing relationships with public agencies, OMNIA Partners is the most valued and trusted resource helping procurement achieve their strategic goals.

Leveraging this powerful partnership gives participants access to a robust portfolio of procurement solutions from industry-leading suppliers. 

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