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The data expertise and analytical insight needed to make the right decisions for your community and constituents.

With more than 30 years of experience in data management, we combine data, analytics and software with state and local government expertise to help agencies of all sizes gain a deeper understanding of consumers, businesses, markets and economies. We recognize the unique challenges and increasingly complex needs that state, county and local municipalities face. In partnership with OMNIA Partners, we have developed specific offerings to help your agency efficiently achieve mission success.

Experian helps cities, counties and state agencies in the areas of:

  • Protecting the integrity of entitlement programs by making more insightful eligibility decisions
  • Decreasing the incidence of tax return fraud by identifying identity theft prior to disbursing refunds
  • Accurately assessing potential government vendors for fiscal stability and legitimacy
  • Evaluating business and individual providers for participation in benefit programs
  • Assisting in investigation activities by providing information on more than 220 million consumers
  • Optimizing collection efforts to maximize revenue while decreasing the accumulation of new debt
  • Ensuring the quality and relevancy of information in agency databases
  • Enabling agencies to offer secure e-services to its constituents by authenticating user identities


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