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The Fisher Science Education team knows many of you need to make decisions on how to educate your students from afar. During this unprecedented time, we are offering a series of webcasts on available resources and tools to help your students continue their education. 

Our first webcast is Friday, March 27th at 11AM EST. 

Please join us for this time where we look forward to connecting with you on available solutions and resources and a demonstration of available distance learning products. 

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Preparing today’s students to be the innovators of tomorrow isn’t always easy. Finding the tools you need to do it should be. From basic lab supplies to state-of-the art classroom technology, Fisher Science Education has everything you need to create a 21st Century learning environment.

Fisher Science Education is a complete lab solutions provider, serving K-12 science education, college, and consumer markets. Our comprehensive portfolio of education products covers all science disciplines, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Earth Science, as well as emerging curriculum areas like STEM, Career and Technical Education, Biotechnology, and Environmental Technology.  We deliver practical real world science applications to the classroom through exciting products to engage students and demonstrate the relevancy of science in their everyday life.

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