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Driving Savings on Pharmaceutical and Medical/Surgical Supplies

Many public entities are challenged with tighter budgets, limited resources and high expectations. You are tasked to save dollars, drive competitive bid processes and manage supplier relationships. To help manage these challenges, Premier designed a program designed just for you. Awarded by Dane County, utilize a portfolio of 1,390 agreements focused on:

  • Branded/generic pharmaceuticals: oral, injectable, and vaccines
  • Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment: radiology, lab, patient beds, etc.
  • Medical supplies meeting most of your clinical needs: exam gloves, needles, syringes, bandages, dressings, and much more.

Benefits include:

  • Leverage Premier’s $56 billion in member volume to achieve competitive pricing
  • Access to manufacturer discounts with more than 290 pharmaceutical manufacturers and 1,100 medical equipment and supply manufacturers
  • Negotiated pricing from an internal team of contract directors and managers saving public entities time and expense
  • Maximizing program effectiveness with educational tools and resources
  • Receiving full transparency of cost (credits, value added programs, rebates and discounts) on all products and services purchased through the program
  • Comprehensive portfolio exceeding 1,390 agreements and more than 100,000 products with no hidden fees

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Learn more about this contract awarded by Dane County, WI who saved a minimum of 5%