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National IPA is pleased to offer the following solutions with B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio

  • Audio Visual Equipment, Accessories & Services  (Contract #R160901 awarded by Region 4 Education Service Center)

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B&H Photo, Video, Pro Audio

Over 500,000 technology items from over 7000 brands!

B&H is the source for all your technology needs We offer money savings and easy purchasing options for government and educational institutions on the full line of technology products, including photo, video, pro-audio, surveillance, computers and peripherals, optics and home/mobile electronics.


• Easy integrations with eProcurement providers such as Ariba, Jaggaer, ESM, Unimarket, Vinimaya, Perfect Commerce, SAP, Oracle, etc

• Punch-out and Check-out portals for institutions as well as cXML and EDI capabilities

Account Team

At B&H, one-stop shopping is more than a catchphrase. Each B2B client gets assigned a personal Account Team, ensuring that a live agent will be available to assist you with your RFQ’s, purchasing and customer service needs from A to Z. 

Quick Processing & Shipping

B&H understands your time constraints and we’ll work with you to expedite the processing of your orders. With the largest in-stock inventory & state-of-the-art warehouses, most orders ship within 24 hours of the order being processed.

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