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Brock USA 

Brock USA believes in one simple truth about sports: Protecting
athletes, protects the game. Brock USA is the industry leader in shock pads for artificial turf with the largest body of scientific data proving their ability to maintain the highest performance of the field, and marry it with unmatched safety for the athlete. Concussions and concerns about all levels of head and body trauma are driving accelerated use of shock pads under artificial turf.

Beyond safety, their Cradle to Cradle environmental certification and warranties far outlast the turf, ensuring owners their investment will last. Schools, parks and other public institutions choose Brock USA for their quality, service, and scientific approach to the crucial area of athlete safety, and overall field longevity and performance.

Contract Includes:

  • Safety performance bench-marked by partnering with leading research organizations
  • Broadest product line engineered for all sports and levels of athletes
  • Oversight and design assistance to ensure highest project quality outcome 
  • 16-25 year Warranties 
  • Cradle to Cradle Certification - highest environmental certification possible
  • Proven drainage of field that has never failed
  • Proven ability to reuse product at turf replacement 


Competitively solicited and publicly awarded by: Region 4 Education Service Center

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