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Contract Highlights:

School Cash Suite is a web-based educational software solution designed to meet the unique financial needs of K-12 public schools. Over 500 districts encompassing 1700+ schools across the U.S. and Canada. Offering the School Cash Suite which allows parents to make online payments in conjunction with the Cash Accounting module tool that automates the manual accounting task in the school offices.

Contract Includes:

  • School Cash Online: Allows parents to make online payments for school fees
  • School Cash Accounting: Web-based tool that manage school finances and automates manual accounting task performed by bookkeepers daily

Value-Add Modules

  • Meal Plan Payments:  Allows parents to load fund into their student's meal plan account
  • Digital Custom Forms: Form building solution that enables
  • School Cash Express: Extends item creation and payment reporting to non-administrative school staff
  • Positive Pay: Allows for deposited checks to be automatically uploaded to school’s bank account