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Leslie’s was founded in 1963 by partners Phil Leslie and Ray Cesmat. The first store was a 350 square-foot building with a swimming pool out front in North Hollywood, California.

Since then we have grown to over 900 locations in 35 states across the country. We operate five distribution centers to support our Retail, Commercial and e-Commerce sales.

The Leslie’s Team consists of over 5,000 members nationwide in season and is growing every year. We truly are a national company with assets coast to coast and border to border.

Leslie’s is dedicated to making pool care easy. We offer quality products that work right the first time. This includes chemicals, cleaning devices, equipment, parts, recreational and safety products. In addition to quality products, we also offer profession on-site equipment installation and repair services in most areas. Customers come to us to solve their pool problems. We pride ourselves on being the solutions experts in the industry.

Leslie’s history is full of exceptional people with an uncompromising vision for greatness. We have a rich history of providing customers with the best quality products, innovative solutions and excellent customer service over the span of more than five decades. Throughout our history we have been the driving force in the success of many new products. Manufacturers regularly offer us exclusive products that can’t be found in any other store or on any other website.

We are innovators. We were the first pool supply retailer to manufacture and package the chemicals we sell. Since the mid-1960s most of the chemicals we’ve sold have been in a Leslie’s package.We were the first to offer free-in store repair labor, customers just pay for parts.

We are the world’s largest retailer of swimming pool and spa supplies. Our significant and consistent growth over time has positioned us to leverage our volume within the industry to offer more and better products at better values than our competition.. Our well-trained, courteous and service-orientated teams take pride in helping customers solve any pool problem. And they are equipped with the product, tools and training to do just that.