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National IPA is pleased to offer the following solutions with MP2 Energy Texas LLC:

  • Electric Power Provider and Related Services (Contract #R150901 awarded by Region 4 Education Service Center) 

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Electric power from creation to consumption, and everything in between.

MP2 Energy is a top-tier power company that manages power plants, delivers retail power to end-use customers, and masters all other aspects of the power markets like asset management, commodity hedging, solar installation and offtake, wind and distribruted generation.


The MP2 Energy team—through our unmatched experience, skills, systems, and credit, have established a top tier REP and Asset Management QSE in the ERCOT market. Our backgrounds and experiences in deregulated power have brought us together to deliver a better solution for consumers

MP2 Energy has designed a scalable customer service platform for customer call handling with the goal that customers quickly reach a live representative who is well versed and provides consistent friendly and personable service.

MP2 Energy has partnered with Sumitomo Corporation of Tokyo, Japan through its Texas based affiliate Pacific Summit Energy (PSE) to deliver a complete energy management package including credit, fuel supply, and power optimization.