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We made the first VARIDESK to help a friend with his back pain. It worked so well that we got a ton of requests to make more. So we did, and we haven’t stopped since.

Our line of sit-stand desks and active office products continues to grow, and our customers now span the globe. We’re passionate about helping people get more done and feel better doing it.

That’s what we mean by Work Elevated™.

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We want to build career-long relationships with every single customer. In fact, we don’t want just customers, we want fans! So, in every product we make and every relationship we have, we strive for the absolute highest quality. No exceptions.

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Value is about more than just money. We value your time and effort just as much as your hard-earned dollar. So, we guarantee you’ll get an incredible product at the best possible price, and the whole process will be friendly, fast, and hassle-free.

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Simplicity is who we are - from the product design and pricing model to the ordering process and customer relationships.

Our goal is to strip away the barriers and complications so that every experience and interaction is simply perfect.

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For more information visit www.varidesk.com