Solutions That Can Help


Amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, countless communities across the globe have been impacted. We know public agencies and education institutions are working tirelessly to address the needs of their staff and students as we begin to reopen our communities, our schools and our public facilities. 

As you continue to open your facilities, develop your strategy for what is next and identify solutions, OMNIA Partners is here to help. Our COVID-19 task force is working with the executive teams of our supplier partners to assist in procuring the necessary products and services.

OMNIA Partners is committed to providing our participants with COVID-19 federal funding information. Visit our federal funds page and learn how to utilize your emergency funding.

Our Cooperative Contract Portfolio

The following contract categories include an overview of product and service offerings specific to functional areas within your facility. Select a category to be taken directly to current resources:

Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Contract Offerings Include:

Deep Cleaning Services | Surface Disinfectant & Sanitizer Spray Service | Laundered Apparel | Turnkey Emergency Services

PPE & Facility Solutions

Contract Offerings Include:

Masks, Gloves, Gowns & Kits | UV LED Disinfecting Technology | Thermometers & Digital Scanners | Rental Vaccination Stations | Plexiglass Barriers | Signage | Modular Buildings | Elevator/Escalator Sanitization

Cleaning & Disinfecting Products

Contract Offerings Include:

Surface Cleaners | Exterior Antimicrobial Disinfectants | Touch-free Sanitation (Interior & Exterior) | Spray Nozzles & Pumps for Hand Sanitizer

Technology Products

Contract Offerings Include:

Hardware/Software | Audio/Visual | Remote Learning/Working Solutions | Educational Software | Zero-Touch Devices | Cloud Solutions | Digital Language Translation | Vaccination & Testing Tracking


Contract Offerings Include:

Self-Contained Lunch Packages | Single-Serve Condiments | ToGo Packaging | Culinary Sanitation


Contract Offerings Include:

Mobile Cubes & Walls | Desking | Workspace Separation Screens | Outdoor Classroom Solutions | Flexible Seating | Quickship Solutions

Air Filtration

Contract Offerings Include:

Scalable HVAC Systems with Funding Solutions | Commercial Grade Air Purifiers | Indoor Air Quality Assessments | Air Filtration Products

COVID-19 Testing Program

ReadyCheckGo Testing Program from Fisher Scientific Available through OMNIA Partners

Thermo Fisher Scientific™ and Color Health are partnering to provide a simple, cost-effective COVID-19 testing solution for school districts of any size or location across the US. This is a ready-to-use, reliable, end-to-end testing solution via a self-serve testing program that can be managed by existing staff.

"Implementing a Coronavirus Testing Program"

This webinar will walk you through the current state of the Delta Variant, the benefits of a surveillance program and why they can be cost-efficient, scalable, and easy to implement.

  • Why it's essential to continue testing for coronavirus even if the general population is vaccinated
  • About the National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan (NTAP) for designing an effective coronavirus testing program
  • The key requirements for successful school population testing
  • The benefits of implementing the Thermo Fisher Scientific™ ReadyCheckGo™ Testing Program—a comprehensive coronavirus testing program for K–12 schools


Partnership with GHC3

OMNIA Partners has aligned with The Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3).  GHC3 is composed of global leaders, industry experts and inspired citizens.  They specialize in coordinating emerging technologies and public health expertise to make an impact.

GHC3 was tasked by the CDC Foundation to share vital information to organizations during this public health crisis through:

  • Improved resource coordination
  • Better information sharing
  • Enhanced emergency preparedness and training
  • Coordinated preparedness planning

OMNIA Partners/GHC3 Podcast

"Navigating the New Normal - What's Next for Classrooms & Schools"


Allan McCombs, SVP of Account Management at OMNIA Partners, sat down with Ken Berta, Executive Director of Global Health Crisis Coordination Center (GHC3), to share their experiences and discuss what school may look like in the fall. 

Key Takeaways:

  • What do schools need to think about as they prepare for reopening?
  • How will the "new normal" affect their classrooms once students are back?
  • Are there ongoing maintenance concerns that need to be addressed?


Navigating the New Normal: What's Next for Classrooms & Schools?