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    We at 3M are excited to launch our new online training system: Cleaning Workplace Solutions Academy.  This is a more modern and responsive system replacing our previous SMART system.

    This new system includes new and updated content broken into 4 buckets to help you learn and train your team:

    • Compliance Training: These are 14 courses that will cover all types of compliance training for new hires such as: Blood Born Pathogen Training, The Chain of Infection, PPE, SDS, Labels, and many more courses.  All of these courses have been updated with a new look and are complete with certificates of completion, quizzes, and full narration.
    • Process Training: We have created 6 video trainings that cover all of the essentials processes of floor care.  Stripping Floors, Coating Floors, Burnishing Floors, Daily Cleaning of Floors, Top Scrubbing, and Stripping Linoleum Floors are all included here.
    • Product Training: This folder includes product training for some of our products.  Currently – we only have product training videos for a limited selection of products that include our Flow Control Dispensers & and our Easy Trap Duster products.  We plan to expand on this area over the coming months by adding training videos on many of our products such as individual floor pads and individual cleaning chemicals to offer a more customized and tailored program for each individual account
    • Cleaning Institutes: These courses are a bit more advanced lecture-styled courses that include a bit of process training combined with solutions that we can offer with our products.  These are fully narrated as well.

    This is just the beginning for our new system – expect many exciting additions of content to be created and added to this regularly. This system of course allows managers to assign, track, and manage progress of their learners.

    If you previously had an account with the previous SMART login system – please use your previous Username & Password to login to the new system.

    For new users – you can visit our training site and scroll down to where it says “Sign Up” to get started.

    For additional questions – please email our support account at CWSAcademy@mmm.com with questions or reach out to your local 3M rep.