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    Adjusters International Consulting, LLC

    Risk Preparedness and Claims Recovery

    Risk Management Consulting Services

    The risk management consultants at AIC, LLC work to minimize your exposure to financial loss through customized programs that address your specific tolerance for loss. For over a quarter century we have handled intricate claims of all sizes. We apply our experience and expertise in several key ways, working solely for the policyholder — never for the insurance company.

    Risk Management Process

    We offer services such as Risk Management Audit, Insurance Program Marketing, and Building Replacement Cost & Business Interruption Valuation. We also provide consulting services to states and sub-recipients related to FEMA’s Obtain & Maintain Insurance requirement. Our independent risk management services include, but are not limited to:

    • Commercial building replacement cost valuation
    • Insurance policy review and recommendations
    • Insurance specification development and renewal analysis
    • Development of claim handling procedures manual
    • FEMA insurance waiver analysis
    • Risk management information systems evaluation and recommendation
    • Third-Party Administrator (TPA) selection and evaluation
    • TPA auditing
    • Insurance Producer (Agent) of Record selection and evaluation
    • Contract and lease negotiation and review
    • Loss control evaluation and recommendation
    • Safety workplace analysis
    • Safety training
    • Total cost of risk development and analysis
    • Alternative risk financing study

    Risk Management Audit

    We start by conducting an audit to analyze your exposures to risk, review your insurance policies and non-insurance tools and techniques, and recommend modifications or additional protection for missed or underinsured exposures.

    AIC, LLC's experts examine all policies, forms, endorsements, exclusions, premiums, deductibles and/or self-insured retentions. We compare the insurance proposal and binder with your policy — to make sure it was accurately issued.

    We can also review leases and contracts to ensure that your insurance program responds to those needs. Our audit report even compares existing language with improved language available in the marketplace, to further decrease your risk of loss.

    Insurance Program Marketing

    As independent consultants, AIC, LLC objectively manages your insurance program following the audit. That program focuses on implementing a competitive marketing process on your behalf to prospective brokers and/or carriers, including the identification of coverage needs and specifications tailored to your particular exposures.

    Requests for proposals (RFPs) or requests for qualifications (RFQs) are issued to insurance brokers, insurance wholesalers, insurance program managers, association programs or directly to insurance companies as appropriate. When the proposals are received, we analyze and compare the coverages and premiums — and make recommendations to you. AIC, LLC is not compensated in any way through the placement of your insurance coverage and as a result, our recommendations are truly independent. Selection of the program and provider is ultimately your decision. Our goal is to make sure that it is an informed decision.

    In some situations, AIC, LLC will work on your behalf with insurance brokers and other providers, proposing solutions that strengthen coverage, reduce premiums or otherwise improve your insurance program.

    Building Replacement Cost & Business Interruption Valuation


    Proper valuation of your building’s replacement cost and your business interruption exposure are two of the most critical aspects of your property insurance program. Not having an adequate facility in which to resume your operations and the cost of bringing those operations back to normal following a loss can be as devastating to your business as the loss event itself.

    Experts calculate accurate valuations of your real property — including the improvements you’ve made — as well as the many other ways a loss can impact your operations financially. Both analyses help ensure that the coverages your policy provides adequately protect you.

    FEMA Obtain & Maintain Insurance Requirement

    After receiving funding from FEMA, entities are required to obtain and maintain insurance for the type of peril and amount of funding received from FEMA for a given facility – as long as it’s reasonably available as determined by the State Insurance Commissioner. This responsibility is critical to both current and future FEMA funding, and the language used around “reasonableness” opens up a grey area for states and sub-recipients when negotiating future funding requests to FEMA.

    AI’s expertise within both the FEMA public assistance and insurance arenas uniquely positions us to provide states and sub-recipients with knowledge and guidance regarding FEMA’s obtain and maintain insurance requirement following a declared disaster. We have helped states to develop defendable criteria for issuing insurance commissioners’ certifications waiving this requirement and have helped sub-recipients to successfully apply for and receive waivers from FEMA.

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