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    Advance Professional and Carquest Auto Parts has you covered with your Emergency Preparedness needs. Whether it's natural disaster such as hurricane, fire, flooding, earthquakes or other unforeseen circumstances, make sure you are ready when disaster strikes. Advance Professional and Carquest Auto Parts offers extensive coverage on emergency items such as:

    • Flashlights & Batteries
    • Generators, Mobile Power Strips, Extension Cords & Converters/Inverters
    • Survival Kits and First Aid Kits
    • Water Jugs, Garden Hoses & Nozzles
    • Hand Tools
    • Tarps, Bungee Cords & Duct Tape
    • Chemicals & Lubricants
    • Booster Packs & Cables
    • Work Gloves
    • Cleaning Supplies & Heavy Duty Trash Bags
    • Pressure Washers
    • Fuel Cans & Transfer Pumps
    • Winter Weather Supplies

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    Email: omnia@advance-auto.com
    Phone:888-823-6592 ext 3004
    Fax: 919-301-4079