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    NEW! Advance Professional is Excited to Welcome DieHard Batteries

    DieHard Batteries, now available on our cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners, offer superior performance and simple reliability. Designed for new vehicle technology, they provide the starting power vehicles need in any climate. When you choose DieHard, you can focus on your destination knowing that you have the power to get there.

    BRAKES: Brake pads that you can trust. The result of more than 25 years of creating quality brake products, Carquest offers superior formulations for longer pad life, improved stopping performance, cleaner wheels and quieter braking.

    BATTERIES: Batteries built with PowerFrame Technology. Tested. Trusted. Carquest batteries are built with PowerFrame Grid Technology with up to 70% faster electrical flow and up to 66% more durable and corrosion-resistant than other grids.

    FILTERS: Carquest filters are rigorously tested to ensure reliability and performance, these filters are designed to ensure air pollutants and contaminants are removed to provide optimal function of the engine.

    ENGINE MANAGEMENT: Engine management is no longer just simple coils and plugs. The category has evolved into numerous complex sensors, switches, valves, and modules that interact with one another throughout the vehicle.

    STARTERS & ALTERNATORS: Carquest starters and alternators are premium constructed, OE quality parts with industry-leading warranties. With a high level of proven performance and fewer comebacks, these parts meet or exceed OE specifications.
    STOCKING CATALOG: The Stocking Catalog offers an on hand advantage that ensures you have the right parts on your shelf when you need them most. Benefits include, regular stock checks, personalized reports showing your shop's top-moving part numbers and competitive changeover programs. 


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